The Cornwall Garden, Halifax, NS
The Cornwall Garden is about one and one-half acres, on a hillside looking south-east towards Halifax Harbour. There is little soil, but plenty of rock. The woods originally consisted of spruce, birch, maple and poplar, but now includes magnolias, Korean dogwood and Japanese maples. Rhododendrons are planted among the trees. Other natives include blueberry, huckleberry, Labrador Tea and bayberry; these are retained as companion plants in some parts of the Garden.

A seasonal stream runs through the woods; herbaceous plantings along its banks are dominated by primula and iris. Further down the hillside, there are lawns, a rock garden and shrub borders with additional plantings of azalea and rhododendron. Bloom in the Garden is at its peak in the middle of June


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View Southeast

A Stream

Southeast Slope

Slope in Fall

Another Aspect

A Stone Path


R. Ramapo

 Grand Pre

 Summer Garden


'Great Eastern'


Summer Woods


Fall Colour